Today marks 1 week till my brother gets married. We went to a wedding favor making party at the in laws house. Thus calling for a post about the SLO Rub. It is a bbq rub for meats, we made about 15 gallons of it, packaged it up in cute little engraved cans. They are the favors for coming to the wedding. It’s significant because both my brother and his fiancé, went to Cal Poly SLO. 
SLO Rub 

Equal parts: Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Paprika 

Half part: Chili Powder 

For example: 1 oz of top and .5 oz of bottom. 

Mix in container, rub on meat before cooking or to season anything. 

If you going to coat chicken or pork with it, try adding 1:1 brown sugar! 


Picture of rub from wedding. 
Xoxo Pamela  ❤️


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