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Brussel Sprouts

Hello! I can’t believe its been a week into the new year already.  Its been quite the busy week so far too. I have tried a couple new recipes and a few new ingredients including coconut flour! Can’t wait to share those recipes with you.

Hoping everyone is staying safe in this crazy winter weather we are having. I know in my area its a huge rain storm. I had to drive home today in the rain and for me that is very nerve wracking.

The other night we had my brother and sister in law over for dinner after they purchased their new fridge, for their brand new house! Congrats to them. Since my dad likes Brussel sprouts and he doesn’t get them often I whipped up this quick recipe. While my dad munched on his Brussel sprouts, my mom enjoyed her cooked chopped spinach and the rest of us enjoyed garlic green beans! Anyways, I hope everyone is having a good day/night!


Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
Takes about 15 minutes to prepare this whole dish. Super quick and easy to prepare and make with a quick meal.

1 pound Brussel sprouts
4 slices thick cut bacon
2 tablespoons Earth Balance Butter


Wash  the Brussel sprouts, cut the bottoms off and slice in quarters.
For the bacon, I find it easier to cut in half length wise then slice into small pieces. Heat the skillet on medium high heat, then add the bacon into the skillet and cook till crispy. It should take about 8-10 minutes.
Remove the bacon but keep the bacon grease.
Add in the 2 tablespoons Earth Balance Butter and Brussel sprouts.
Cook for about 7-8 minutes until tender and browned.
Add in the bacon and serve!

I did try one and they were delicious, if only I could eat them without causing myself a terrible stomach ache.


xoxo Pamela



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