Hello Loves


Pamela, age of 27 years old. I’ve lost and gained weight multiple times through out my life. January first twenty sixteen, I experienced a near death experience, through that I have gained my determination and motivation to stay healthy this time around. After being off work for a couple months, I took all my recipes and started a recipe binder ( so the next time my mom needs a recipe she does not have to ask me for it). So through my journey to strong, fit and healthy I became interested in fitness and healthy eating. I have tried many diets and different techniques to losing weight. Follow my blog for my recipes. Some recipes I will post are passed down from family( which will be noted). I love to create in the kitchen, taste different foods. Creating new recipes and blending old ones together.

I am lactose intolerant and lead a very active lifestyle in the gym.

Any questions feel free to ask.

All my images and recipes are a result of my work so, please ask politely to use and, credit me as the original author! ❤️