Catch Up

Happy Thursday Loves! Man, I have been super busy. Last week we went camping up in Sonoma for my birthday gift. It was 3 families including: My mother, father, boyfriend, his parents, then two close family friends and I. We spent the weekend at KOA in Cloverdale/Healdsburg camping, on Saturday January 21st, we went wine tasting. Our first stop was at Trione Vineyards, we had a wonderful fellow give us descriptions on the wine we tasted and he took our picture too. At that winery we bought a Sauvignon Blanc, that I liked. Me being picky, this was one of my all time favorite white wines I’ve tried thus far. The next stop on the winery list was Dry Creek, the tasting was wonderful, we got to choose 5 wines out of the 20 on the tasting list. Basically we tasted almost all of them, the wine expert was phenomenal and willing to let us try them all. We skipped through the white wines, as my favorite is RED WINE. My favorite from that winery was the Cabernet Sauvignon, which I ended up purchasing. Next stop on the list was J. Rickards Winery & Vineyards, at this winery we had a lovely lady named Alix, guide us through tastings. With certain wines we had cheese pairings ( I didn’t try any cheeses, due to being lactose intolerant). We went on our tour of the underground barrel cellar, and the man himself, J. Rickard ended up giving us the tour! We tasted a couple dessert wines and a champagne with the normal reds/whites. The two bottles we purchased from this winery was their dessert port and the bottle of Blanc de Noirs ( champagne).  The next stop was supposed to be a winery by the name of Rued, instead we went into ‘downtown’ and went to Mercury Tasting Room, which the guy giving the tastings was hilarious. Every time he poured a glass for us, he poured it for himself too. I want that job, just kidding. Then from there we went to Ramazotti, which had some great wines too. That ended our adventure on the wine tasting weekend.
Once we got back to the campground Saturday evening we had crock pot meals for dinner. What I prepared was Coconut Curry Chicken. Turned out as good as it can for being camping! I came home Sunday and my parents came home Monday. It has been a hectic week so far and its almost Friday! This Saturday is my 26th birthday and I am cooking dinner for eight people, filet mignon w/ seasonal vegetables and a baked potato.

Thanks for listening to my busy hectic weekend.



xoxo Pamela


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